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Thread: M8L Fax to email issue

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    Default M8L Fax to email issue

    We have an issue when receiving faxes from time to time the fax will be broken up into multiple emails. In other words lets say someone sends us a 10-page fax. The M8L is setup to send this fax as a PDF to an email. Instead of one email we tend to get 4 or 5 emails. 1 email will have 2 pages; the next email will have 1 page, the next 3 pages, and so on. We do eventually get all the pages but this can become annoying. Has anyone ever had this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hello Dgilligan,

    Please when you get fax, check whether you get fax in one file or in multiple files in Users->Extension Management-> Extension-> Voice Mailbox.
    If yes, so it's possible that it sends 4 or 5 e-mails because of Mail server configuration as it may divide big attachments.



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    LevonD, thank you for that information. it looks like we are getting 4 to 5 emails of the same 64ish kb in size. Would you suggest upping the maximum memory time for a voicemail? i currently have it set to 5 min.

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    Dear Dgilligan,

    Please check the fax size from hidden page. Then click on the Extension that you use for FAX and check the Fax message size (Kb).
    You could also try to increase the maximum memory time for a voicemail.


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