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Thread: Phone Access Password reset

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    Default Phone Access Password reset

    I would like to start using the *75 feature but this requires the admin phone access password.
    I do not ever remember setting this, but when I try to change it, I always get "Error: Old Password is incorrect"
    I have tried leaving the old password blank, but still I get the error.

    Is there a factory default for this?

    Given that I have admin GUI access, is there any way I can recover or reset the phone access password?

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    Dear David,

    If you don't change it , it should be 19, or if you change it I guess you choose the same one that you use for admin GUI Access. Anyhow in order to make further changes you need to configure them from Systems-> User Rights Management check admin checkbox and press change password link. Then you will have two options GUI Access Password and Phone Access Password.



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    BUt that is exactly what I am trying to do.
    Firstly it cannot be the same password as for the GUI as the phone password is digits only.
    Secondly I need to know the old phone access password (which I don't) in order to change it to something new.
    It is not 19 and it is not blank and it is not any digit only password that I have ever used.

    Is there any way around this?
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    Still awaiting an answer to this question

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    Dear David,

    Please backup your current configuration from System->Configuration Management->Backup & Download all config & voice data. Then Restore Default Configuration from System->Configuration Management. After this upload and restore your backup config. In this case you would have default password for both GUI and Phone access (admin -19). You could change the Phone access password from 19 to whatever you want.



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    Terrific! - Many thanks.

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