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    Quadro PBXs are testedwithDeerfield dns2go service compatibility and here are the results. You can usethis service by using “HTTP GET request” service. For thatthe following configuration must be created:

    1. Connect to the Quadro and go to Internet Uplink->Dynamic DNS Settings page.

    2. Enable Dynamic DNS service.

    3. Enter the Username and Passwordforyour account from that servicein the corresponding fields.

    4. Enter “24” in the Max time between updates field.

    5. Enable the Create custom HTTP GET request service and Basic Authentication option.

    6. Enter HTTP GET request by the following format:”hos...ey=”password ”&online=1;

    where “hostname” is the host name of the Quadro, which is prescribed on the Deerfield dns2go server and“password” is the password of your account.

    7. Press Save button.


    Account information:

    Username – Quadro;

    Password – zk3f98:

    Hostname -

    Format of HTTP GET request is: 3f98&online=1


    After enabling DynDNSon the Quadro youmust connect to DNS2Go web site, login, find the Domain Status page and press “Go Online” button.

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