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Thread: Send audio message before disconnect

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    Default Send audio message before disconnect

    I use the max call duration timer to drop calls after 59 minutes when made on BT lines because BT start to charge if the call exceeds one hour.
    Ideally I would like both parties on the call to hear a message such as "Warning - call termination in 10 seconds"
    This would allow me to say "Hang up, I'll call you back".
    If that is not possible, I would like a similar message to flash up on the phone itself.
    That is not ideal as I might not have the phone display in view.
    A custom message would be better.
    I could then say "This call has been disconnected to avoid call charges. Please hang up and I will call you back"
    Are any of these suggestions possible?
    David Reddington

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    Is there any way to send a pre-recorded message to a called number at any point in the call?

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