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Thread: Drop calls to certain numbers

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    Default Drop calls to certain numbers

    Let say I do not want my users to call any oversea numbers. How can I drop those calls using a routing rule? We need to dial using the format 0011<CountryCode><number> .

    I can match the 0011 but don't know how many digits the full number is. Which mean I can't discard x (unknown number of) characters and then prefix with a predefined extention with a voicemail msg to say you can't call those numbers.

    Currently I just add the string BLOCK in front of the number so it becomes "BLOCK0011<rest of the number dialed>, which means the call will fail and not get through.

    Is there a better way to do this? How do I discard the whole number (of unknown length) being dialed and prefix with another number or extensions etc.

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    You can create the following configuration:
    • Record error message with appropriate notification (let say “Access to this number blocked” );
    • Create new Auto Attendant (let say 50);
    • Upload recorded error message as a “New welcome message” and “New Recurring Attendant Prompt” messages of AA 50;

    Create Call Routing rule with following parameters:
    • “Destination Number Pattern” – 0011*;
    • “Number of Discarded Symbols” – 99;
    • “Prefix” – 50;
    • “Destination Type” – PBX;
    • Disable “Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID” service and finish the wizard.

    That is all. All users of appropriate Quadro will hear “Access to this number blocked” error message after dialing any number starting with 0011 numbers.


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    Thanks for the info. I did not know that you could discard up to 99 digits even for unknown length. Knowing this will allow me to implement quite a few other things.

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    Also just realized I posted in the wrong section of the forum

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