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Thread: Security alert Aastra admin password

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    Hi all, how to change the admin password in the aastra.cfg provided by the Quadro. Or in the next release can you provide automaticly the same admin password of the quadro for the aastra phone and when I change the admin password of the quadro this is automaticli change the aastra password in the aastra.cfg file.


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    Spaxnet, currently you can change the Aastra's password only from phone's itself. We can't understand the meaning of changing the password in the aastra.cfg. However, in thenext releases a new feature will be available, using which you can edit the default aastra.cfg templateand change the password as well, then download it into Quadro, so the phones will get configured by that customized template.

    Your suggestion about linking Quadro's admin password with phones' passwords will be discussed with our managemant

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    Here is the answer from our Product Designer.

    "This is not acceptable for security reasons. If we set the same password, it will be impossible for Quadro admin to give access to some phone's admin features, but keep Quadro's password secure. Quadro's password should not be distributed too much, as the required security level on Quadro is more, that the same on just one IP Phone."

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    when will the firmware be out?? Edited by: jloeken

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    I didn't understand you question, jloeken. If you're asking about the firmware, on which will be possible to change the IP-Phones configuration templates, thenthere is no exact dates for it. That feature is in development stage and it's hard to say when it will be included into Quadro.

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