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Thread: Attended call transfer not Operating

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    Default Attended call transfer not Operating

    Using Quadro M8L is not making possible the call transfer using "Attended Call Transfer" fetature. Explanation: After to make the process to place the attanded call transfer to the desired destination (internaly), the call is been answered, and then when called person apply the transfer button againg the call is been droped.

    I can tell that Direct Call Transfer is working just fine. Can anyone tell us what to review and as well provide us some feedback REGARDING Tech info to read about it?

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    Take a look to the document "Quadro Features on Epygi's Supported IP Phones list" in epygi web portal. There you can find tech info how to use Quadro8L features using different IP phones.


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    I found that this is normally because of codec mismatch on the IP Phones.

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    Sounds like you do not have enough line keys on the telephone to process the attended part of the call... add another line key on the telephone and make sure that it can handle 2 x calls and that should remedy the situation.

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    Hello Amekassa,

    The document "QX IP PBX Features on Epygi Supported IP Phones" found in the knowledge base at Epygi support portal ( covers call transfer varieties.

    Epygi Support

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    Hi guys,

    I found the document "QX IP PBX Features on Epygi Supported IP Phones" in the Epygi support portal expert knowledge base, but I cannot download it. Whenever I'm trying to save it, my antivirus software doesn't allow me to perform any further actions. I get a warning message about the content security interruption.
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    Hi GrantWilson,

    probably the support portal is not secure and therefore your antivirus doesn't allow. We will work on upgrading the security of our portal but meanwhile you can disable your antivirus for a few minutes and download the file.

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