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Thread: 5.3.60 and iqall twinning

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    Default 5.3.60 and iqall twinning


    this new feature , rises some questions :

    the relaese note indicates new iqall for iphone and android !
    is that true , iqall for android ?
    i found only the late 1.0.2 for iphone

    what's the new release ? could you show some download links ?

    will it be possible to get a trial licence for iqall twinning ?


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    Hi Henri,
    The applications are not published yet. Planning to have them on App Stores (Apple and Google) in April.
    The beta version of iQall for iPhone (iOS 6 and higher) is available now. if you want to test then please sent the following information:
    -UDID of your iPhone
    -Unique ID of your Quadro IP PBX
    This information is needed for generating the iQall installation package for your iPhone and Mobile Toggling (twinning) demo license key for your Quadro.

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    Thanks Hrant
    that are good news, april is not so far

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