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Thread: Hold music echoing

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    Hi just a quick question,

    I'm running a 2x with Astra 480i.

    Why when I am placed on hold by the other caller, their music sounds like its echoing through a tunnel and fades in and out??? This has occured whilst on hold by many different callers.

    but the minute I'm taken off hold, voice quality is excellent.

    Is there a setting in my 2x which I've missed?? or is this a general problem with VoIP?


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    I would not say that this is a general problem with VoIP...

    It is a first time I listen about such problem. Usually you listen the echo of your own voice. This should be specifics of the device you are talking with - the sender of hold music...

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    Thanks Davray,

    The problem is echoing of callers music whilst on hold not my system and as I mentioned voice conversations are crystal clear.

    I tried to adjust the "Gain" on the 2x, but didnt seem to change the effect.

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