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Thread: DID line to Snom 710/821

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    Default DID line to Snom 710/821

    What is the proper way to route DID calls to each extension/phone?

    I tried to find the answer in the Manual and didn't have any luck.


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    Option 1. Assign the DID number to your extension as a SIP User Name (on SIP Registration Settings page of extension)
    Option 2. Create a virtual extension (without any line connected to it) and assign the DID number to that virtual extension as a SIP User Name. After that on virtual extension configure unconditional call forwarding to your extension.
    Option 3. Create new call routing rule in Call Routing Table with the following parameters:
    Destination Number Pattern: (enter DID number)
    Number of Discarded Symbols:99 (to remove all digits of the DID number)
    Prefix: (enter your extension number)
    Destination Type:PBX
    This rule will rout the calls to DID number to your extension.

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