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Thread: Pre-determined extension from another PBX

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    I'm replacing an existing PBX that had 3 digit extensions. I need to replicate that, but seems Quadro's have a numbering scheme that I can't seem to change. (i.e. Main reception needs to be 200, another user 201, etc.)

    What's the best strategy to go about doing that? Because if I plug a phone in, it auto-registers, and assigns an extension with the IP line.

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    If you're running a recent Quadro firmware (I think 4.x. or better) then you can change the extension length from 2 to 3 or 4 digits.

    Normally, if you had a factory defaulted Quadro the extension length page would show up the first time you go to the Extension Management page, otherwise you can manually type in /changeextlength.cgi to get access to this page.

    This will automatically renumber your extensions to 3 digit extensions.

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    Quadro's extension numbering is not difficult to change - after switching to 3-digit extensions as suggested by threebit, just add/remove extensions to get the numbers you need. You can even add extensions starting from 9 and 0, though those prefices are forbidden in changeextlength.cgi.

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    Probably Davrays talking about Quadro future releases. Currently it is possible to add extensions only with prefix 9, but not with 0.

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