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Thread: Siemens Gigaset S450IP and C450IP Phones

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    Ok, this is very interesting:

    Two things I figured out today;

    1. Call Transfer:
    I again looked at the manual of a newer IP gigaset, to try and see how to initiate a call transfer with the "R" key, ie first press "R" then number etc, when I read that one can access the menu function to "conference" parties together. So I got a call going on one of he C455IP's, then accessed the menu. At first I used the "Internal Call", but that failed, then I navigated to "External Call", dialed one of the other extensions on the Epygi, once the other party answered, I disconnected the call on the C455IP by pressing the "red" key, and voila, call was transferred. Then I realized that the Gigaset sees any thing that is NOT on the base station as "external calls", thus allowing the call to go to what ever digits are dialed. How many of the features on the base station influence this, I don't know, but I set it to that RFC2833, enabled the features in the attached screen shot.

    (I can't shrink this image to 19.5KB, sorry)

    2. Firmware:
    Happy that I got the call transfer working, I moved along and started adding the remaining C455IP's to the system, then realized that they did not all have the same level of firmware, about 3 in particular seem to be on a much older version. The problem is that on those, there is no option to set "VoIP" as a default for out going calls. They all register to the Epygi, and can receive calls, but can't dial out because I can not enable that feature. When I clicked on the upgrade firmware button, it told me it's busy with downloading, all though 2 hours later it showed the same message. Will go back tomorrow and see if the unit has a later firmware version .

    But the bottom line is on those old units, use the Gigaset's "External Call" to transfer calls to ohter extensions (via the menu on the phone), and perhaps on any other Gigaset that does not provide proper IP Protocol for the "R" key.

    I know, first prize sell supported phones to customer, but hey, some times you just have to do what you have to do, hey?
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    Here is a little add on: I found about 3 of those C455IP base stations with older firmware, where you do not have the option to select VoIP for outgoing calls. At first I tried to upgrade the firmware directly from the base station, but it kept telling me it's already in progress - however nothing seemed to happen.
    The way to upgrade those base stations is to select the firmware upgrade option from a paired Gigaset. Once it has 02223 (currently the latest), you can proceed to select VoIP in the number assignment and make calls through the Epigy. Before then, the base station registers, and can receive calls only.

    Ok, I think that is all the value I can add to this thread

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