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Thread: Snom or Polycom ?

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    Default Snom or Polycom ?

    We are just about to put a proposal to a customer including an Epygi 6L with either the Snom 300 or the Polycom IP 331 (maybe 335) handsets.

    Which would be the most compatible for use with the Epygi 6l ?


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    What are the customer expectations ?

    And how many lines are involved ? does the customer realise that they will NOT have line appearance on the handsets ?

    The 6L has a Key Emulation mode that works in conjunction with 12 button SNOM handsets or others as described by the documentation like that of the SNOM 320 / SNOM 360 / SNOM 370 etc...

    the other alternative is to provide them with a Softphone like that of the QCM from Epygi. The reasoning behind this would be to provide Presence information across the board without having to have a handset with the keys, it is very easy to record phone calls, transfer, and use the click to dial feature out of Outlook.

    The only thing you would have to do is to use a decent headset with microphone... like that of the Plantronics range.



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    Many thanks for the reply Kevin.
    I must admit I had not considered the line appearance issue.

    What with the key emulation mode, I now of a mind to play safe and recommend the Snom 320.


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