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Thread: basic setup callerid

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    Default basic setup callerid

    Hi all
    Just received a Quadro4Li to test this device
    For now I have setting up phones, a Sip trunk and a route to use it.

    Unfortunately I have no idea how to setup a basic thing like an outbound callerid num for an extention ?

    thank's for help

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    It seem there is not many peoples for help, after one month experience I can understain why !
    this device maybe work very fine, but Gui for programming is 1000000 km from an easy and logic pbx system.
    Maybe the worst thing you can find between a telecom and network device.
    I realy hate loosing money and I have lost many days to make it working ( very basicaly )
    Good luck

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    Hi comdiftelecom,
    please describe your scenario....


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    Very basic Scenario Michel, just 6 phones with differents outbound callerid, one sip trunk as main outgoing route and 2 BRI as inbound and backup outbound trunk
    so usualy just 10 / 15 min max for configuration on most PBX without any skill.
    Today it's half working, but I would like to use it only as BRI gateway as the PBX is very complicated for just basic features.


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    Hi comdiftelecom,

    It isn't that hard to understand
    Any device has it's manuals as well as Quadro, installation guide, admin and user manuals.
    You have a main number, and most likely ITSP requires authentication on outbound calls. Thus you need to have a CR rule where you need specify ITSP's extension(the one that is registered to the ITSP) and "UES"(use extension settings), this setting will allow you to authorize, and finally in the last step of the wizard you need to set desired caller ID. This will be fixed outbound caller ID.

    But if you want each extension to have it's own caller ID, then you can set that caller IDs as SIP usernames on that extensions, create a CR rule, activate there "UES" and "Keep original caller ID", without doing any caller ID modification.


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    Hi Ashot,

    Can you tell me what the CR rule would look like? For example: my extension, 103, has a SIP user name of 14015551212. How should I create my rule? Thanks!

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