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Thread: Many Extension Ringing issue

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    Default Many Extension Ringing issue

    On a 2xi running the latest 5.3.23 firmware, there are 7 IP lines and one FXS line provisioned and connecting to it. Calls between extensions are working fine, as well as calls using the ISDN and VoIP trunks provisioned.

    There is however one issue with inbound calls. Extension 99 used by one of the VoIP ITSPs has in its' "Caller ID Based Services for Any Address" the "Many Extension Ringing" feature enabled to ring concurrently on 6 extensions. One more IP Line and one FXS line are attached, but any attempt to enable one or both of the two lines, yields the following error message in red: "Maximum number of enabled records should not be more than 16".

    • What kind of limit gets hit by trying to add one more extension to the Many Extension Ringing group?
    • To which records is the error message referring to?

    Any ideas, where this limitation stems from?
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