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Thread: Configure Snom 7xx mailbox button for shared mailbox

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    Default Configure Snom 7xx mailbox button for shared mailbox

    I have a group of users that all have access to a single shared mailbox rather than having individual mailboxes.

    At the moment I have configured one of the function keys on their Snom 710 handsets to watch/access the shared mailbox. All of their personal mailboxes are disabled.

    The above configuration means the "message" key on the Snom is redundant as their personal mailboxes (*0) are not in use. I would like to be able to configure the mailbox field with *85xx (where xx is the shared mailbox number) but the Quadro auto-provisioning populates the field with *0 and it cannot be changed.

    Is there any way to modify the Quadro configuration template for particular handsets or can this be a feature request to have the mailbox field configurable rahter than just set to *0?


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    Hi Harry,

    You could configure it in following way:
    First of all create an extension(you could also use Virtual extensions), enable use internal voice mail. Then edit voice mail access list, in order to add the very extensions that you want to have access share mailbox.
    After this, go to Line settings, click Advanced link for IP phones. The Programmable Keys Configuration page would be opened. From the drop-down list you could find and choose Shared VMail Ext. key. Then you would be asked to reboot the IP Phone, press Yes. Configure this for all Phones that have access to Shared Mailbox. This key have the same functionality as *85xx.
    Anyway you couldn't modify the Quadro configuration template for VM and couldn't disable *0, you could only disable Voice Mail for Ext. So you would be able to access the Extension's shared mail box also by *0, so you could configure Shared Mailbox for Virtual extension, in order to exclude use of *0.

    You could also change *0 from Phone Web GUI manually. Choose retrieve button, change type to speed dial and in number box type *85xxx.

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    Hi LevonD

    The configuration you have described is actually how I have implemented and it works fine. However the message key on the Snom 710 and 720 becomes redundant and I would like to re-use. I cannot modify the *0 via the phone web GUI, because the Quadro auto-provision makes this a read only field.

    So at the moment I have a Programmble Key set as Shared VMail Ext, but would like to change the mailbox key from *0 to *85xxx if only I could edit that field.

    Thanks, Harry

    Thanks, Harry

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    UPDATE: By programming the Snom 7xx manually I have got the mailbox key working with the shared mailbox.

    Would still prefer to have this feature available through auto-provisioning.......

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