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Thread: VPN PPTP error 868

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    Default VPN PPTP error 868

    Have started a VPN PPTP server connection on the quadro but when client (windows 7) tries to connect get the below error..

    "Received Error 868" The remote connection was not made because the name of the remote access server did not resolve

    Have tried different encryption methods but always same issue.
    Checked that the port is open and the VPN log file doesnt show anything.

    Any suggestions or any other log files which I should be looking at??


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    It seems you add in your VPN connection Some Domain name not Ip addres of your Quadro .
    Your Quadro use real IP or Its Behind NAT ?. If Quadro use real IP then need add the Real IP in VPN connection .If behind NAT then need Configure NAT so it will forward Incoming Packets from your VPN Client to Quadro.
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    No the IP address is used not a domain name (WAN interface IP which is a static ip address)
    Is using NAT but the filtering rule is already done
    Enabled PPTP Pass-Through Allowed Any (LAN interface IP)

    Any other suggestions??

    Using FW version 5.3.14

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    Please Explain In example How you Connect Quadro to NAT from (Lan or Wan),what is the NAT Public IP and Local IP ,and What Ip you Configured in your PC VPN client .

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    Under firewall configuration NAT is enabled.
    The WAN IP is and the LAN is
    The PPTP configuration of the server(Quadro) is subnet MSCHAP

    PPTP connections see below
    Connection Name Type Client/Server Remote Host/IP Status
    mobile_remote PPTP Server Started

    Filtering rule see below
    State Service Action Restricted IP Forward to IP Description
    Enabled PPTP Pass-Through Allowed Any

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    IF i understand correct you don't use other NAT Device (for example Router) and your Quadro has Public IP so you don't need configure filtering rule,just add the Quadro WAN address to your PC VPN client and change in "PPTP Server Configurations" the Subnet it must be different from LAN Subnet, for Example if your LAN is then Subnet must be
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    Yes we dont use any other NAT device but the issue still exists...
    Has no consequence if u use the filtering rule or not the issue seems to be somewhere else..

    Anyone else can help please??

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    The setup is very simple and it should work with no problem. It was tested with Win7 very many times.
    All you need is:
    1. Create PPTP server connection(Define some username and pass for that connection) on Quadro and start it.
    2. Create PPTP client connection(putting Quadro WAN public IP) on Win7 and use the same username and pass. That's it.

    Most probably you're doing something wrong on point 2. Try deleting your VPN connection on Win7 and create it from scratch. All you need is a pure PPTP client connection, no other types.

    You can also try capturing network on Quadro WAN interface(use netcapture.cgi hidden page) to check if any packet ever reaches Quadro from the Win7 PC IP.

    Hope it helps.

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