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Thread: How can we listen to recorded calls via user extension?

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    Question How can we listen to recorded calls via user extension?

    We have a Quadro4x with call recording key installed and call recording box configured. We have Snom 320 IP phones that are able to invoke the call recording on demand. We can use the Quadro GUI to playback the recorded calls, but we would like to be able to play back the recordings from any one of the Snom 320 extensions. I tried dialing the extension of the call recording box from one of the other extensions expecting to be prompted with voice prompts from the Quadro but that did not work.

    Am I missing something on this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

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    Hi Tchancev,

    Try to configure extension recording box settings where you could enable "Play welcome message", "Play announcement when starting recording" as well other settings like asking passwords for local and remote accesses. You could configure password for recording box from extension recording box general settings.

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    Hi LevonD,

    Thank you for your input. However, we do not have any issues with setting up the recording box. It actually works perfectly as far as recording calls go. We just need to know how to listen to the recordings via any user extension. I have checked to ensure that Local access is permitted and when I dial the recording box extension, I am not taken into the recording box. In fact, nothing happens and no voice prompts from Quadro at all.

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    Hi Tchancev,

    Please reproduce this scenario once again, call from two or more extensions to recording box. Mark log files, then download log files and send it to this email: . We will investigate this issue and answer you.


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    Was able to finally figure this out. Turns out the individual Snom extensions had their own Speed Dial entries programmed and one of the speed-dial entries happened to be the same digits as the recording box extension. So when those specific digits were dialed, the Quadro never received the extension of the recording box being dialed. Actually figured this out by shear frustration when I dialed the recording box extension for the millionth time, nothing happened for a period of about 2-3 seconds, then just happened to glance at the Snom display and saw a 10-digit number being dialed.

    Changed the extension of the recording box to not conflict with any speed dial entries, implemented the Quadro's own speed dial table, and removed all the individual snom speed dial entries to avoid this confusion moving forward.

    Thanks to all that contributed to helping us figure this out!


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