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Thread: Firewall Full No more records allowed in the table.

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    Exclamation Firewall Full No more records allowed in the table.

    I have the firewall set to medium and the with all the attacks my system is not allowing me to add any more rules.
    I am getting an error. "No more records allowed in the table."

    Now because the attacks are not getting added to the firewall they just keep coming.

    Is this something I have done wrong or is this something Epygi needs to fix?

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    You can configure your "Filtering Rules"- "Allowed IP List" ,by adding Single Allowed IP or Allowed IP/Mask .
    It will block any other Ips that not in your allowed list .After cofiguration go to System-> Diagnostics then Reboot Device.
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    Sorry, the epygi will not allow me to add any more blocking rules to the quadro. this is normally automatically done through the quadro with the IDS, it will add the offending IP to the blocking firewall. I have had so many attacks that the quadro is saying I can not add any more ip's / rules to the blocking firewall.

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    Quadro can't handle infinite count of records. You will need to delete some of the firstly blocked IPs to reduce the number of blocked IP entries.

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    why noy deny everything and allow only the ips needed?

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