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Thread: incoming calls to extension

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    Default incoming calls to extension

    I need to create a routing rule for a DID that all incoming calls will be sent to extension 30.
    Usually do this by setting the destination of the DID at the DID provider site but in this case the DID's I have purchased all terminate to the static ip address of the PBX.

    Can someone give me an example of a routing rule for this please


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    Hi Mjnorris,

    Try this call routing configuration, maybe it suits you.
    At first enable Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing check box from telephony/call routing. Then in routing table create the following rule:
    Destination number pattern: * , Number of Discarded Symbols: 99(just as an example), Prefix: 30(its your ext. number), Destination type: PBX. Other settings aren't important for this route. When someone calls from SIP number to your DID, he/she would be routed to EXT. 30,


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