We are having some codec mismatch issues with call transfers on FXO when we use codec g722 as preference, we are using this for better quality to branch office.

In the following scenario:

1. Call rings on incoming FXO extension (MER Group extension 88, codec preferences set G711a force incoming preferences)

2. All extensions are configured (extension management) to use codecs in order G722 then G711a ... force incoming preferences not set.. srtp not set etc.

3. Call is answered on Snom 320 no problem (as g711a) .. put on hold .. transferred to Snom 300 ... Call is dropped instantly

4. call statistics logs show epygi has tried to connect G711a call as G722 (Snom 320 - Snom 300) then call drops instantly with mismatch.... I can't see any way to force this.. why does the epygi try to connect a PSTN call as G722 when it clearly doesn't support this internally?

If I call via SIP as G711a incoming.... call is transferred as G711a no problems from Snom 320 to Snom 300... always stays G711a ... this only happens on PSTN FXO calls.

If I change order for all extensions to use G711a then G722 no problems - call transfers Snom 320 to Snom 300 and stays as G711a ... BUT then snom's never try to use G722 always negotiate G711a first ...

Is this a bug?