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Thread: Quatro 2 setup

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    Set up of Quatro 2
    I can phone in but cannot call out

    Message when I dial out "Check your external phone line"
    Registered with provider OK

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    I think that message plays when the Quadro is trying to use an FXO trunk for the call, and for some reason cannot complete the call.

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    Yep, that's completely correct. This message is played only when call is done through PSTN line (and there is no free line connected at the moment).

    If this call was supposed to go through some ITSP, then something wrong in the routing table, or maybe the call to ITSP has failed, and system failed back to PSTN (if the ITSP account was created using VoIP Carrier Wizard).

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    If you have an extension that is registered with your provider it sounds like the call routing is not set correctly to use that extn when you are trying to place a call to the PSTN. When you configure your call routing entry you will want to use the field called UES (Use Extension Settings). This field will use the account information from the given extn when the call is originated to your provider.

    Typically, most users will configure the account information for their provider on a virtual extn (an extn without an analog of IP line attached). This extn would then be used in the UES field of CR entry. Incoming calls from the provider would be routed to that virtual extn. The extn itself would then be set to call forward to either the Auto Attendant or to another extn with a phone.

    BTW: The VOIP Carrier Wizard will configure all these settings for you [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img].

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