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Thread: Forwarded call unable to be picked up

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    Default Forwarded call unable to be picked up

    I have an Epygi 2X that is operating well but with one small issue.

    If an extension sets any kind of forwarding to an external number, the forward works fine and the phone the call is forwarded on and rings..the forwarded to party then answers the call but there is silence.
    On the calling party end they are still receiving the ringing tone like the call has been unanswered.

    If forwarding is set to an internal extension then everything is fine and calls forward on and can be answered with no problem.

    So there seems to be some issue where once the call is forwarded out externally the ability to detect the call be answered is lost?

    Has anyone ever seen something like this at all?

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    What firmware version you use in Quadro 2X?

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    Hi Kcho,

    It's running Firmware Version: 5.1.39/Release
    I believe this is the highest available for this hardware version.

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    any further thoughts at all?

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    What means external number ,Its Sip number or PSTN ? and how many extensions on this forward list.
    And pleas check Telephony->NAT Traversal Settings->General Settings if its disabled change to Automatic .

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    Hey, thanks for your reply.
    Yes External number is a SIP number.

    NAT traversal was disabled. I have now changed back to auto, will test in the next 24 hours and advise further.
    Thanks again!

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    It might be security settings coming into play - have you considered putting the number into the call routing tables..

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