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    We are in the process of upgrading from an Asterisk PBX to a Quadro 2x. I'm working my way through the manual, but think I need some pointers on how exactly to implement this situation.

    One of our SIP number routes directly to sales. Currently (via the Asterisk PBX), the caller is played a brief Welcome message, advised they can press # at any time to leave a message, then played onhold music until one of the SIP phones in a hunt group answers.

    I'm a little unsure of the best approach to do this. Currently I have been looking at doing it by setting up an extension for that inbound line, then configuring the call queue feature for that extension, but I don't see how I will play on hold music to them.

    I did look at an auto attendant, but not sure this would be suitable given I don't want them to make a choice on where to be routed, as they will just go straight through to sales.

    Then I'm more confused again how I will have them exit to voicemail if required, although I have not really looked at this closely yet so there might be something obvious I'm missing here.

    Any pointers as to the best way to move forward I would appreciate it.


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    Hi, you can do all that things by customizing the default attendant, or you can create a new Attendant, register it with Sales SIP numberand configure it according your needs. Open the "Attendant Scenario"page and check "Send AA Digits to Routing Table", then check "Enable Redirection on Timeout" and put value "1"in "Recurring Attendant Prompt Repetition Count" field. Choose "PBX" for call typeand fill some extension from the Sales department, for example 11. Let's say extensions 11,12,13 are belongsto Sales Department. Then, on the same page check "Enable Ringing Announcement" and upload the music that you want to be played to the callers. Save the settings. Now configure Call Hunting onExt.11 and include ext.12 and 13 inHunt list. Unfortunately, you cannot use # to redirect the calls to Voice mail, because # is Quadro's system chatacter, so you can use some digit instead, let's say 0. Just go to Routing table and create a rule with pattern "0" and"PBX-Voicemail" type, that will route all the callerspressed "0" to some extension's Voice Mail, let it be ext.11 again. And finally, record or downloada new Welcome gretting for Attendant, that will invite callers to leave a voice mail by pressing 0, or wait, until someone will answer them.

    How this will work ? When someone will call to Attendant, he will invited toleave a voice mail by pressing 0, or wait, until someone will answer them. Then, if 0 will be pressed, then the caller will get to ext.11's Voice mail and will be able to record a message. If not, then after playing Attandant's message one time, the call will ring ext. 11, 12, 13 one-by-one and if someone will take the phone, then he will connected to the caller. If nobody will take the phone, then the call will go to the ext.11's Mailbox again.

    If you need some details regarding this, please refer to manuals and Online Help or open a ticket in out Technical Support page.
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    Thanks Aramk, only just spotted your reply! This looks pretty straight forward, with this and the manual, I will give it a crack this weekend

    Thanks again for the help.

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    Ok, let us know about results and in case if you'll have some more questions.
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