Hi Folks,
I am hoping someone can help me as I’m pulling my hair out. I’ve been using the Epygi Quadro 16x for some time now but have never needed to write an IVR. Well that is now required and I can’t for the life of me get it to work the way I need it too. Below is the scenario I need and the xml file I have written (adapted from Epygi example2) to try and get it to work. The recordings are already made and working, The option keys are working and transfer the caller to the correct extensions but when the IVR has finished it just keeps returning to the beginning and starts again if no input is received.

Required Scenario,
Client calls in and gets passed to the day IVR. They get the message below (msgoptions.wav):
If they chose 1 2 or 3 they are passed to the correct extension.
If no input is made I need it to go to extension 290 (Currently goes to beginning IVR again and again.)
And if an invalid button is pressed I need the ivr to start again
Any help much appreciated.



Thank you for phoning my company,
Please dial 1 for Quotes and new business,
Dial 2 for claims,
Dial 3 for underwriting,
Or please hold for an operator.

My VXML file “dayattendant.xml”
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
<noinput count="0">
<assign name="field1" expr="'293'"/>
<goto nextitem="field2" />
<form id="mainform">
<prompt bargein="true"> <audio src="msgwelcome.wav" /> </prompt>
<goto nextitem="field1"/>
<field name="field1" type="digits?length=1" modal="false">
<prompt timeout="3s">
<audio src="msgoptions.wav" />
<option dtmf="1" value="290" />
<option dtmf="2" value="291" />
<option dtmf="3" value="292" />
<goto nextitem="field2"/>
<object name="field2" classid="connect">
<param name="extension" expr="field1"/>
<goto nextitem="field1"/>