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Thread: Problem uploading new welcome messages

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    Default Problem uploading new welcome messages

    I have an existing Assistant Scenario with a welcome.wav audio file. I have a new welcome.wav file to upload to replace the current one but the web interface does not allow me to select anything from the "Choose File" pop-up other than text files. (The HTML of the input tag specifics ACCEPT="text/*"). The "Upload Custom Scenario Voice Messages" page also does not allow me to select a .wav or .tar.gz file from the "Choose File" pop-up.

    I do have a very old firmware version on this Quadro2x system, so I was wondering if this was a known issue years ago on older versions and I must upgrade to fix this? I do wonder how this system was originally configured though if this is a known bug.

    If there is a workaround that doesn't require me to upgrade the firmware that would be much appreciated.

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    it is strange to hear about such type problem, because even in very old FW versions there shouldn't be problem with uploading audio file for custom greetings.
    Please specify what FW is running on this Quadro2x. Next, assuming you are going to upload welcome message on some attendant extension, so what is the attendant scenario, default or custom. Please answer to figure out your problem.


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    The version details are as followings:
    Boot loader: 5.0.3/Release
    Firmware Version: 5.0.19/Release

    Yes, it is an attendant extension that I'm configuring this for, with a custom scenario.
    I also tried creating a new one using a default scenario but I get the same result, no ability to upload an audio file, only text/*.


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    Unfortunately I don't have a chance to install 5.0.19 release on Quadro2x to check, but I assume when you select the "VXML Scenario" option in the attendant scenario menu it should provide the following:
    - "Upload VXML scenario file" field to upload a new VXML scenario file.
    - "Upload VXML Custom Scenario Voice Messages" link that refers to the page where audio voice messages used in the uploaded custom VXML scenario should be managed.

    So for uploading the audio files you have to use this link. Do you see that link on your Quadro2x?

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    I don't quite have that option. When first logging into the web interface I go to "Users" -> "Extensions Management". Click on the Extension number I want to edit. Go to the Attendant Scenario page. Select either Default or Custom, then I cannot select an audio file anywhere it is required. If I choose the Default option I see the "Upload new welcome message" option. Selecting this only allows me to upload a text file. If I choose the Custom option I can then choose the "Upload Custom Scenario Voice Messages" link to be taken to a page with another upload option, where again I can only choose a text file.

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    I would suggest to update the FW in your Quadro2x from 5.0.19->5.1.39. Hopefully it will resolve this problem.


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    What is the likeliness of something breaking during 5.0.19->5.1.39? And can I export the full configuration and re-import after the upgrade just fine? I'd rather not nuke this setup, that is all.

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    Alex, actually you have a problem in 5.0.19, we don't have 5.0.19 accessible to check and come back to you with suggestion or workaround. So anyway you have to upgrade 5.0.19 to some higher SW version.
    FW update 5.0.19->5.1.39 should be OK hopefully. The configuration of the Quadro2x will remain after the FW update. Some data will be lost, like voice mails, call statistics that is not critical IMO. But anyway it is recommended to download and save the configuration before FW update. After FW update you can restore the saved configuration if needed.
    I am suggesting to upgrade to 5.1.39 because 5.1.39 is the highest version acceptable by Quadro2x old models.

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    Thanks Ashot. Turns out our Quadro2x model wasn't one of the older ones and we could go all the way up to firmware 5.3.22.
    The uploading of attendant wav files now working fine in this version. While our contractor was on-site assisting with the upgrade we did actually find out what the bug was in the old firmware version. The upload HTML field was only allowing you to select .wav files when using Firefox; in Safari and Chrome the box only allowed selection of "text/*". In the new firmware version it is "audio/wav" and works across the web browsers.

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