Hi all,

A client of mine is having a strange issue, they have sip trunk connection, pbx m8l.
Everything was working fine, but all of the sudden the none of the phone can make outgoing calls, they can only receive incoming calls.
When I tried to make a local call to any numbers that start with 8xxxxxx, 4xxxxxx and 7xxxxxx, I get the message Ip connection cannot be established.
I used diagnose in pbx to ping and address on the internet and it worked.
One other issue is when I tried calling mobile/ cell phone numbers starting with 5xxxxxx or 6xxxxxx, I get the message "Peak connection cannot be established.
I thought I heard it wrong but the pbx says "peak" connection and not ip connection.
What is this peak connection and how can I resolve this issue?
I contacted the SIp provider and they say they don't have any issues on their side.

Thanks in advance,