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Thread: Nokia (Symbian) and SIP

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    Lightbulb Nokia (Symbian) and SIP

    I saw some rather old questions about Nokia and SIP which were mostly left unanswered, but since I have some experience I wanted to share it for other guys using Nokia phones.

    Pretty much all Symbian/Nokia phones after N95 don't have a 100% built-in SIP settings, so in general all of them support SIP but you cannot set it up without additional software which is installable from the link below:

    It should be pretty easy to follow Nokias instructions on istalling it and setting up. I have personally tested Nokia N95 (long time ago) which had a problem with automatic re-establishment of lost SIP connection. Currently I'm using Nokia E7 and Nokia N9* which both work perfectly for me with Quadro PBX. If you have any questions I might be able to help with, feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer.

    * N9 is not Symbian, this one is Linux based.

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    Have you tried Nokia E series if it works?
    I have a problem with incoming calls on the E series, Nokia E52, Nokia H97 mines
    Does anyone have any success he has overcome this problem with nokia these versions? Old nokia work perfectly with SIP VoIP Settings 2.0
    With new SIP VoIP Settings is impossibble to receive call .
    ?he problem is that the registration form Nokia hash instead of username of subscriber number.
    Help to deal with this please

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    No, sorry I did not try older E-series, only new Belle OS based phones. I have Nokia 808 now but I didn't try it's SIP functionality yet. I expect it to work just as good as on E7, while E52 has older software similar to N95 which did not work well for me.

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