Hi Guys,
I have the following issue, I am running 40 ISDN channels, I have 30 connected to the E1 interface of the M32x system and the other ten connected to the E1 gateway to allow use of all 40 channels. When some one rings in on the channels connected to the M32x all works as expected and if I diconnect the 30 channels the M32x routes the calls out through the E1 gateway users can dial out. The problem seems to be when a caller dials in from the outside world to the E1 gateway the calls don't seem to be going anywhere I have the following rule in the call routing table.

Enabled 028303???? SIP192.168.0.1:5060 None No * E1/T1trunk: E1/T1 Trunk1 URP: No 10

if I drop all digits and send it to 00 I get the auto attendant, (not sure if it local one or M32x one )

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.