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Thread: Incoming call routing problem.

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    Smile Incoming call routing problem.

    At the moment i am using Grandstream 5024 and the set-up is substantially different..
    Now I want to switch to Epygy Quadro M32 and so far i lost a lot of time to do it right..managed to understand extension,line,user combination so i have all working except i don't understand how to set incoming route..if i set it to go through the routing table i get engaged number..if i switch to unconditional forwarding, extension rings..but that is not the solution i want..
    I have simple office setup..12 phones 95 percent outgoing calls two Voip providers one incoming number..i would like that incoming call rings all extensions, and then on the basis of the incoming number, executive in charge of the country from where call is coming, should pick the call up or transfer it to someone else...

    Example of the route would be a great help..or if someone knows any manual/training/book for the Epygi i would be grateful ( i downloaded official manuals and anything i can find on epygi forums/site but unfortunately that particular area of setting up routes is not covered well in my opinion or i am slightly stupid )..

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    Not sure if you need to configure anything in call routing for your scenario.
    I assume you are receiving the calls made to "one incoming number" on some Quadro extension. Configure Many Extension Ringing on that extension adding all 12 extensions to ringing group and that's it.
    As far as configuring the call routing for incoming calls is concerned then it is very similar to configuring it for outbound calls. The main difference is that the outbound calls (calls originated on Quadro extensions) always pass through call routing table for destination address resolution whereas the call originated outside of Quadro may bypass the call routing. For example, the inbound SIP calls try to connect directly to extension if the SIP user name of the inbound INVITE message matches with the extension's SIP user name. Otherwise, if there are no extensions with that user name then the call passes through call routing table for destination address resolution. If on "Call Routing" GUI page you enable the "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" then the inbound SIP calls will go directly to call routing table.

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