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Thread: Find me - follow me calling

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    Some PBX systems these days enable the find me - follow me functionality where the PBX can be configured to ring multiple phones simultaneously along with the attached [IP] Line.
    We are able to achieve in the Quadro by creating a virtual extension that has a UCF to call both the real PBX-Ext and other numbers simultaneously.
    However, it would be great if this functionality could be achieved within a single extension, so the user can configure it themselves.


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    Hi, actually every user on Quadro can configure and use Many Extension Ringing and Hunt Grouping features on his extension. The first one will allow user to ring simultaneously the number of extensions on Quadro, analog or IP, while the second one will ring the configured phones step-by-step. We think that these features fully cover the functionality you have described. For more details about configuration and usage of these features refer to Online Help or Quadro User Manual.

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    Great, I'll try that method out.

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    Hi Aramk,
    You mention "The first one will allow user to ring simultaneously the number of extensions on Quadro, analog or IP" but it looks like on the Many Extension Ringing page I can only tick a extension and add it to the MER list. There is no possibility to enter an number to be routed.

    If, for example, my extension on the Quadro is 50, how would you suggest a call to my extension could ring my mobile simultaneously?


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    Sorry, I thought you were asking about MER with Quadro'sinternal extensions. The feature you've described is not in our plans for near future.

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    Default find me/follown me

    how configure it ?

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