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Thread: Conference with VM box.

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    On 4x/16x units where a USB key is used and storage constraints are not a concern, it would be useful if an extension user could record an active call by conferencing in their own voicemail box.
    However the Quadro seems to reject calls to ones own voicemail box with a Busy message.

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    if you find it feasible to use conferencing for call recording you may also agree with creating a special mailbox for recordings, attached to virtual extension.

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    Its not something I had ever considered until recently, however several times now potential customers have asked if call recording is possible - to which I respond "No" - to which they have responded "Not even possible to conference with your own voicemail box for call recording?"

    In fact, when I was demonstrating the Quadro to an Avaya shop, they made the same comment.

    It seems to be much more common than you might think.

    Is there a specific reason Epygi have decided not to allow an extension user to call their own mailbox? Using their own box would be much easier from an administrative point of view.

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    There are maybe three main reasons (i don't know how serious they are):

    1) if you want to leave a message in your own mailbox from your
    extension you always can dial *0 to get to voice mail then dial 1 and
    another 1 and then # (this is for leaving reminder)

    2) we thought it makes no sense to make direct call to own mailbox from own extension via call routing table

    3) to prevent from potential recurrence in the program code

    Now, back to your call recording idea. I would suggest to do the
    following. The idea of putting the call on hold, calling to voice mail
    and pressing the conference button doesn't seem attractive to me. If
    the customers agrees to initiate the recording from SNOM phone then
    there is the following solution:

    1) configure the "record button" on SNOM with "voice recorder" and some number

    2) use the same number in the call pattern of some call routing record
    on Quadro to send the call to voice mail of some recording mailbox
    (different from your own extension's mailbox)

    3) change the welcome message of that recording mailbox with something like "recording started"

    Having done that, during the call you can press just one button ("record") on the SNOM and start recording.

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    I tried your suggestion and it works very well.
    All our sites are running on Snom phones so no problem.

    I didn't think a conference with voicemail box for recording was a very elegant solution for call recording either, but like I said customers kept asking for it.

    Thanks Hrant
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    I understand them: people need recording and not finding that on Quadro start looking for loop-holes. I believe the recording with SNOM Record button is the most graceful solution at the moment.

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    This was an enhancement I thought would be useful, having used it in the past on a Intertel Axxess switch. When needed it was very useful to just press a button and have a call recorded. On this the message was sent into the extensions voicemail box (where if also sent by email it was then available to keep as a record as a wav file etc).

    I'd recommend an enhancement like this would be beneficial and become a good selling point.

    In the meantime. I don't quite follow the example above on setting up recording using the record button on a Snom phone - can you give a bit more of a worked example.



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    Hi Wolverton,

    First, create a new call routing rule with:
    Pattern: "66??"
    NDS: 2
    Call Type: PBX-Voicemail
    (This new rule will allow you to ring directly to the VM box of an extension by prefix the extension number with 66 - adjust to whatever prefix you want)

    Second, create an extension for call recording (e.g. 90)

    Third, configure the Record button on your Snom 320,360,370 so it is of type "Voice Recorder" and set the Number to 6690.

    Now when the user pressed Record during a call, the snom phone does a 3-way conference with the voicemail box on extension 90.

    Hope this helps.

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    Also, I would like to suggest you to replace the default greeting message of call recording extension with something like "recording started...".

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