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Thread: Question about Sip trunk and some incoming calls going through and some not

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    Default Question about Sip trunk and some incoming calls going through and some not

    Hi all,

    Today I went to a client and they had a few issues.
    They where having electrical problems, because the generator kept switching on and off, the pbx was connected to a UPS unit.
    But they couldn't make out going calls, the system kept saying "Ip connection cannot be established"
    All the phones are registered in the pbx and i can ping them, i rebooted the phone but still kept getting the same message.
    In my call statistics of unsuccessful call, I see "Negotiation" in Status table I think.
    I called the Sip trunk provider and they rebooted the sip trunk connection and then it started making in coming calls again.

    They asked me if the pbx had a way to rebooted the trunk connection, Is there a way to do this in the pbx?

    My next question is from the same client,

    It seems some calls seem to go through normally and some calls don't make it through.
    Which I find strange.
    For example some calls from the number 543XXXX go through normally and other calls from 569XXXX don't go through.
    The pbx is set to receive all incoming calls from numbers.
    Also some of their clients from U.S.A claim when the call the number the call doesn't go through, but others from the U.S.A can call the number properly.
    Is this an issue with the Sip Trunk Provider?



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    1) If the SIP trunk is configured on Quadro using VoIP Carrier Wizard then in Extensions Management you will find an extension bound with that trunk. That extension should be registered on SIP provider's server. To "reset" the trunk just disable the SIP registration for that extension and press Save button. Then enable registration and press the Save button again.
    2) In the SIP log file (sip_ua.log) check if you are receiving any SIP INVITE message from provider for calls from 569XXXX, If that INVITE is not received at all then the problem is on provider's side. Otherwise you have to look deeper into this issue.

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    Thanks hrant,

    Also the client called today, it seems it happening again, when certain call are received they and they don't hear anything, the press the speaker button and then they can hear and talk to each other.
    Is this an issue with phone is self?
    Because now the tell me if receptionist isn't at her place, the call goes to the next extension when not picked up, and that person at the other extension can hear and talk to the caller.



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