I have pretty old Quadro 16x and several weeks ago it stopped working. System tries to boot and even can be pinged for short period of time (~15-30 sec approx) but then reboots (FAULT led is on for a second before reboot). After ten unsuccessful boot attempts INFO and FAULT leds start blinking so the system is ready for emergency firmware. Then emergency firmware is uploaded to Quadro 16x and led are blinking as they should. However the last step when INFO led should be turned off and Quadro should became available for access via http fails. It reboots again instead (and continue to reboot 10 times again).

Can you tell me according to the behavior described above - is it a software or hardware issue? Could it be a wrong emergency firmware file (I've took it from CD which came with Quadro)? Or is it some hardware component failure?

Here are the version numbers:
Quadro OS: 3.1.31
Application Software: 3.1.31 - Relase
Boot Loader: PPCBoot 3.1.31/Release