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    Default Call Limitation Control feature

    In the June 13th newsletter an interesting feature was mentioned:

    Quadro Feature Spotlight: Call Limitation Control
    "Call Limitation Control is Epygi's 5.3 IP PBX software's newest feature. This feature allows a company to control the amount of outgoing calls so that they do not exceed the allotted minutes purchased from their service provider. Call Limitation Control will automatically disable the call route if it exceeds the maximum amount of minutes. It allows a company to stop using the call route before they start getting charged for individual minutes, which is often two to three times the original purchase rate. Upon disabling the route, the Quadro may direct future calls to an alternate route, such as a different phone line or SIP trunk with a separately purchased minutes package.

    This feature maintains the set rate that a company had originally factored into their budget so they do not simply receive a surprise phone bill at the end of the month."

    This is a very interesting feature for some installations, but I cannot find any documentation where or how to set it up. I looked in this forum, the support portal, and Google.

    Any ideas?

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    The Call Limitation Control feature currently is available only for QuadroM32x/8L/26x/12Li/26xi , SW version-5.3.53. You can find the appropriate information in online help and manuals.

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