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Thread: What is meant by "registrar"?

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    Default What is meant by "registrar"?

    On the phone and in the manual it makes mention of "registrar"... what exactly is that? Is it the ? I'm new to SIP/VOIP phones and can anyone explain to me if I must use "" as the registrar or ENUM?

    Basically, I'm just trying to set up a small office environment initially with QuadroM8L and a bunch of snom 320 phones and to test them internally by calling their extensions but I can't get it to work. I get as far as a dial tone but then nothing. When I dial the extensions I don't hear anything on either end.

    Again, What is meant by "registrar"?

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    Dial Tone on the handsets is by design - purely as a comfort tone - the handset isnt necessarily registered and capable of making a call.

    "registrar" = usually this points to the sip server - ie the quadro IP address -

    If the handset is registered on the telephone system then you should be able to make calls.

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