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Thread: Quadro 2x2 barge in options?

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    Default Quadro 2x2 barge in options?

    I have installed my first quadro in a Home, not a Business, along with 8 grandstream gvx-3140 VoIP phones and a Mobotix T-24 door camera. I have the incoming analog phone line ringing all 8 grandstream phones using MER settings. My question is, is there any way after a call is answered by any extension for another person in the home to join in the conversation from another extension?
    The problem they are having is that one of there small children is picking up a phone downstairs before an adult has a chance to pick their phone up if they are upstairs, so the adult is having to run downstairs and take the phone from the small child to speak to whomever is calling.
    Do you have any solutions for this problem?

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    You could try to train the kids not to answer the telephone or else buy a siemens gigaset - sip one - have that with the adults - make it ring first then to the mer for just in case it hasnt been answered.


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