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    I am hoping to use the Quadro as my router given that SIP is so much easier when not behind a NAT. The problem is that I have a Network Attached Storage and a laptop that each need certain ports forwarded to them.

    The NAS needs TCP ports 20-22, 873, 1723, 8080-8083, 8899, and 13131 as well as UDP 1194 sent to it.

    The laptop needs ports 1718-1720, 1731, and 3230-3237 which I usually open to both TCP and UDP.

    I cannot see a way to do this on the Quadro. If I cannot find a way to do this then I will be forced to buy a full-featured router and struggle with the NAT issues caused by that.

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    For some reason I had not seen the menu item "Manage User Defined Services" on right on the "Filtering Rules" page. User defined services allow me to do what I need to do. Problem solved.

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