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Thread: ring group to voicemail

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    Default ring group to voicemail

    I have a trunk set up to unconditional call forward to an extension. We will call it 100. extension 100 has a hunt group set up with ring group 200 and 201 set up in it as well as ext 228(this is a reception phone with voicemail). In theory the calls are to hit ring group 200 for 15 seconds then 201 for 15 seconds then to extension 228 for 5 seconds and should hit the voicemail.

    This isn't working. I need my ring group to end in voicemail, and all i can get it to do is ring the extensions that are setup in the ring groups for alotted time. it disconnects before vm picks up. Can someone help asap?


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    this is an quadro M8L with the latest firmware on it

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    First of all voice-mails will go to ext.100 and not on your reception ext.228 because you set hunt group on ext.100. You need to check whether the voice-mail service on ext.100 is enabled or not. For this go to Extensions Management select and edit ext.100. Under "Voice Mailbox Settings" check if it's enabled at all. Then you can configure "Shared Voice-mailbox" on one of programmable keys of the receptionist's phone to retrieve voice messages left on ext.100. Let me know if you need more assistance with this.

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    found the problem. hunt group has to have the ring groups added as well as the vm extension.

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