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    Epygi Technologies and Packet Island Offer VOIP Network Assessment and
    Management for the SMB Market
    PacketSmart allows Service Providers to monitor their
    geographically dispersed customers’ services from a central location, enabling
    them to address VoIP quality issues proactively.

    Plano, TX - Epygi now offers PacketSmart VoIP Pro Service through its
    worldwide channel of resellers. Created by Packet Island, an award winning SaaS
    (Software as a Service) developer, PacketSmart allows VoIP service providers and
    VARs to pre-assess SMB networks for VoIP readiness and provides continuous
    monitoring to ensure the carrier grade service level necessary for successful
    VoIP implementation.

    The PacketSmart VoIP Lifecycle Management solution
    has two components; the VoIP Pro Field Service Kit and the VoIP Pro Monitoring
    Service. This combination of capabilities creates a powerful tool for LAN and
    WAN assessment, VoIP deployment verification and VoIP troubleshooting.

    Using these two micro-appliances and a hosted internet call target,
    resellers and integrators can perform a variety of LAN, WAN and multi-site
    network assessments, while troubleshooting complex VoIP problems with ease. The
    quality of every VoIP call can be continuously monitored with active route and
    traffic analysis done to determine if there are external problems that may be
    impacting service quality. Since this is an ongoing process, data is now
    available for troubleshooting transient issues.


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    Warren, How we can acquire PacketIsland solution from Epygi?

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