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    We currently have a Quadro 16x. Given that we have grown a lot in the
    last few years and that we will be moving to a larger physical space where
    all of our 22 users will have/need their own phone, I am looking for
    recommendations on how to expand our current system.We expect to
    continue growing at 25% per year. Should we:

    1) Just keep the 1 quadro and buy ip phones
    2) Stack the quadros and buy cheaper analog phones
    (analog phone features are fine for us)


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    Hi Sean, both options are good and you can choose between them by yourself. If you are satisfied with analog phones and do not want to complicate your users' life with using IP-Phones, then you can buy another Quadro and stack them toghether. Currently we have some documents explaining that procedureunder "Technical Support -> Download" section, but we are preparing a new, updated document, thatwe can provide you upon finishing.

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    Hi tritek, now the "Stacking Quadros Version 2" document is availabe under "Technical Support -> Download -> Configuration Examples" section. You can get familiar with it. Your feedbackwill be highlyappreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenneth659 View Post
    For Expanding the capacity of the memory you can add more memory slot or HDD in your system and you will easily get expanded capacity for extra fun.
    Desktop Computers
    Desktop Computer

    Thats great - hmmm in Australia here the Quadro doesnt come with a hard drive or slots for more memory - but they have USB ports for USB Flash memory or a Compact Flash port for Compact Flash memory .. May be that is a new or special variety of Quadro ???

    Care to elaborate what system ....



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