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    Default Shared Line Appearance

    How do I set up Quadro 4L to emulate a key system... using SIP trunks?
    I am using Snom 360 phones

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    First, login to the Quadro and under "Telephony->Key System Emulation" configure your SLA(Shared Line Appearance) lines according to your sip account. Then, go to "Telephony->Line Settings->IP Line Settings", open "Advanced" settings of your phone and there attach corresponding SLA lines to the phone's keys. That's all!


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    Thank you very much!

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    I have the SLAs programmed as you said. (haven't installed the system yet)
    So, does that mean that every phone with the SLA appearance will ring on incoming calls?
    Is there a way to ring only certain phones?

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    Yes Doug exactly, it will ring on all the phones where SLA is attached and there is no way to set for certain ones.
    I think it goes out from the scope of Key System Emulation concept.


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