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    Default Epygi's SIP server

    Hi guys, we plan on start using Epygis sip server, but I can't figure out how it works... after we registered our Quadro on epygis site, we log in to the and it says "You may subscribe a total of 1 extensions"...

    how can we subscribe more extensions? or how does it actually work?

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    This procedure should be described in the manual I, installation guide, under appendix: registering on Epygi’s SIP server

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    I actually had to contact epygi, since the manual says that I need to create the extensions on the sip server first and then use those credentials to add the info to the sip settings of the extension on the Quadro... problem was that i could only add 1 extension on

    thanks for the reply! I do appreciate the help.

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    Did you enter the serial number of your device? If you did then SIP portal should allow you to add at least 10 extensions (sip accounts).
    Another option (simpler) would be to go to "extension management" on your Quadro, select the extensions and click the "use Epygi SIP server" link on the top of the table. It will automatically generate SIP accounts, assign them to selected extension and register on the SIP server. You don't need to do anything else.
    If you need to go with the first option, entered the serial number of the Quadro but allows you to enter only one extension then send us the registration user name and we will fix the issue.

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