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Thread: Local AAA Table No of records?

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    Default Local AAA Table No of records?

    Hi guys,

    Haven't been here in quite a while but have searched and can't find an answer to this query.

    I have several Quadro units (16x's, 2x's, 6L's) in which i have made use of the local AAA table to provide a PIN code access of sorts to the users. However, I now have a requirement to add new users which has taken the list of PIN codes to approx 70. Now as there are only a few Quadro's to program I don't mind entering the extra PIN codes manually, but when the list reached 50 I found I could add no more.

    So my long winded question is, Does the Quadro have a limit on the number of entries in the Local AAA table? Or is there something I am missing?

    Amy help much appreciated.


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    There is a limit of 1024 records in AAA table. It is strange that you cannot add more than 50 records.
    Please submit the ticket to Epygi tech support attaching the system logs from Quadro after making the test with unsuccessful attempt to add more than 50 records.

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