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Thread: Question about Quadro FXS 16 port

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    Default Question about Quadro FXS 16 port

    Hi all,

    We have a PBX m8l that connects to 2 gateways at another site through vpn connection.
    We read in the instructions of Quadro FXS 16, that you need to connect the LAN port of the PBX to the WAN port of the Quadro FXS 16.
    We only have the WAN port of the PBX configured which is connected to a firewall.
    Can the Quadro FXS 16 do the automatic configuration if it's connected to the WAN port of the PBX?
    Also is it possible to do the automatic configuration through VPN connection?



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    Hello Zet,

    Auto configuration mechanism is based on multicast messages.
    FXS GW is sending multicast messages over the network which are being captured by Epygi PBX and replied with all the information needed for auto configuration of the GW.

    As far as I know VPNs do not pass through multicast messages and thus auto configuration over VPN will not work.

    You will need to configure it manually.


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    Hi Vahan,

    You are right about vpn not passing multicast, because when I selected watch Lan/Wan no multicast passed.
    One thing I wanted to know is can the the fxs 16 port do automatic detection from its Wan port to the Wan port of the PBX m8l if connected directly?
    Because I did a manual configuration also of the fxs16 and tried connecting it with the pbx, but i got no registration from wan to wan.
    The setup of the pbx is that every configuration is set on WAN, and Lan has no connection what so ever on the network.
    Also I have FXS gate config wizard active.
    Do I have to reconfigure everything to the LAN port of the PBX?



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