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Thread: Crackle on Outbound Calls

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    Post Crackle on Outbound Calls

    I have an Quaddro M8L with 6 FXO lines. I have tested each PSTN line and no crackle on the lines. Internal Extension to Extension calls are clear. All phone sets are Aastra 9480i and all have crackle on external calls. Quaddro is on 5.3.23 firmware. Need help eliminating the crackle. Thanks.
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    Looked into your Aastra (Advence setting/Global Sip/Codec Preference List) what codec are activated. Never use All codec on Aastra phone.

    The best setting are 3 codec only. G711u, G722, G729
    Also you cand use: Codec 1: Basic codec + Codec 2: G.722(HD audio)



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    I too have "crackle" or "stutter" on calls, even on extension to extension, problem is it only started happening about a week ago... client has M8L and Grandstream phones (2100's and 1405's)... any suggestions?

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