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    Question Yealink T28P

    Hi There Guys...

    Please can i as you for advise...
    I have a Yealink T28P swb phone that resets probably once a week. I have done the following:
    1. Upgraded the firmware to 2.70 (didnt make a difference)
    2. Downgraded it back to 2.61 (as it is at the moment)
    3. Connected a power supply to the phone as maybe the POE switch was not pushing enough power?
    4. Upgraded Epygi M26xi to version 5.3.52.
    5. checked network point.
    6. Swopped phone out to a new phone.

    Despite doing all of the above, i am still having the same issue.
    Anyone have any idea's? could it be comming from the epygi? as it is the 2nd phone doing the same thing.... PLEASE HELP?

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    Hi nicolab,

    Did you try switching to another port on the switch?
    For example if the phone is connected to port 15 try port 17.
    I had an issue like this with aastra phone on a Cisco PoE switch and when I change to another port connection it stopped resetting.



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    Hi Zet,

    THanks for replying. Yes, i also tried that.... ? im at a loss for words.

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