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Thread: Echo on calls GS1405's and Quadro 4l /M8L

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    Default Echo on calls GS1405's and Quadro 4l /M8L

    I have to separet clients that have both reported issues with Echo when placing calls.

    The problem fits the following scenario :

    "User on the local IP extension (IP phone) of the Quadro is in call with the PSTN user
    through the FXO/ISDN BRI/E1/T1 interface and hears echo (own voice)."

    I have read the "Echo Cancellation on Quadro" but when I downloaded the Echoanalyzer software, it doesn't show the Quadro 4L or 8L on the dropdown menu...

    We are using GrandStream gxp1405's and gxp2100 for both clients and each of them is using a different carrier, both have reported the same problem, it's not happening on all calls but it's happened enough to be noticed by both.

    Any ideas on how to correct this?

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    Reduce the transmit gain on IP phone and transmit gain on PSTN interface (FXO/ISDN/E1/T1). It may help.

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    Please send the captured FXO RX/TX files to to investigate the problem.

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    Default echo

    echo on m8l with snom 320 sets ip phone to LAN to FXO.....not all calls but majority......

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