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Thread: Epygi patton fax problem

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    Lightbulb Epygi patton fax problem

    Hello all,

    We have a "quadro 6L" to our client and we want to use ATA for Fax. We have 2 ATA Patton (M-ATA), they are connected to the quadro.

    If I send an internal fax (Patton - Epygi - Patton) It's working.

    If I send an external fax through analogic entry (Analogic - Epygi - ISDN) It's working.

    If I send an external fax (Patton - Epygi - ISDN line) the communication starts but the 2 fax devices don't communicate correctly.

    I don't think the prob is in the patton (I have change a lot of param (not working), and I have test patton with centrex (working)), but a configuration in the epygi.

    I have test with G729 codec, desactivate suppression of silence, desactivate CNG & extrapolation.

    I have see Analogic entry has a gain of -6, so I try to put an ISDN gain of -6.

    Do you have an idea for me please ?


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    G729 is too skinny a codec...

    G711 a/u is good

    Fax pass thru needs to be active on the extensions.

    If still doesnt work - use a Cisco 112 ATA to test against

    They seem to work out of the box for faxes

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