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    Default AA timeout

    Quadro 2x

    Is there a way to reduce the timeout for AA redirection? I want an incoming call to call the ring group, on no answer it goes to an AA that has as it’s ringing announcement ‘All operators are busy ..’ and then plays music (as 1 file), this then calls another ring group while the message plays. The problem is that there is a large break between the unanswered call and calling the next group.

    If I have the ‘All operators are busy…’ announcement in the recurring message the phones stop ringing while this is played, the caller does not hear this but I need the phones to continually ring throughout the exercise so that we can pick up at any time. If I place a short (under 1sec) blank message in the recurring message the caller gets 5 seconds of silence and then the ringing announcement. We get ringing while the first ring group rings, silence while the recurring message plays and then ringing again when the next group is called. I believe this is the timeout of the AA that causes the gap in ringing.

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    Try to achieve this config by using the "Find Me/Follow me" feature instead of "Many extension Ringing".

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